How to Avoid Common Laser Engraving Mistakes
Posted by bosslasercomplaints, 10/31/2017 8:17 am

Regardless of if a person is a novice maker or an experienced engineer, learning how to properly use design equipment to avoid mistakes takes time and effort. Occasionally, issues can arise that leave designers scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong. This is true for any field, and laser engraving is no exception. To avoid Boss laser complaints, use the information here to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

The Laser Burns Through the Fabric being Engraved

To avoid burning fabric when engraving it with a laser, the user has to understand what type of fabric is able to withstand the process. Fabrics that heartier, such as canvas, leather, and denim will be able to withstand much higher power settings while being engraved. However, with more delicate fabrics, a lower power setting should be used.

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Acrylic Doesn’t Look Frosty White after Being Engraved

In most cases, this happens because the wrong acrylic was used for the application. There are two types of acrylic used for laser engraving and each is suitable for different types of applications.

One is cast acrylic sheets and objects that are made from liquid acrylic that has been poured into a mold. This material is then made into different sizes and shapes. This acrylic type is best for engraving because it will turn a frosty white color when it is engraved, which makes it ideal for both plaques and awards.

Another type of acrylic used for laser engraving is called extruded acrylic. This is formed into sheets. This material is usually more affordable because it is created with a higher-volume manufacturing technique. However, this is going to react differently when a laser engraving machine is used on it. No frosted look is going to appear if this type of acrylic is used.

Being informed is the best way to achieve the desired results when using a laser for engraving. When it comes to creating a naked link, leaving it to the pros may be the best course of action. If a person isn’t careful when engraving with a laser, they may soon discover that several issues arise, resulting in serious problems and undesirable effects.

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